Persona / me myself

"Aubrey" [16, She/her, part Native American]


My name is Aubrey. But I also go by Teal, Wing, Mitzy, Softie, Kawai, Katze, and Neko. These are nicknames based off my usernames.

I was born on July 18th, 2007. My sun is in cancer, Moon is in Virgo, and my rising sign is Capricorn.

Gender Identity
I am a Perisex AFAB girl. I identify as primarily Cisgender, but have Catgender and Stargender slapped ontop. I use mostly She'Her pronouns and feline adjacent ones. I dont care how you see me as long as it isnt a boy.

"Human" Identity
While I am human at form, at all levels except physical I am a cat.

Neurodivergent Identity
I have ADHD, Anxiety, and SAD. I may also have Autism, but it has went undiagnosed. I also have some form of a Paranoia disorder but I don't know what it is.

I have a bit of a temper, I will admit. However, the brunt of my personality is a shy, obviously autistic girl who has way too much interest in her likes. I can be softspoken when busy but loud with friends.

My personality type is INFP-T

Current Interests
The interests page is all my interests of all time, but my current major interests are Your Only Move Is Hustle and Pet Simulator 99. I've been grinding time in both games.

Ref sheet of my oc ..

Other Sonas/sona adjacent ocs

"Smallbrey" [Yomi hustle aubrey]

A small kittygirl who found herself in a fighting game! Taking place as a Ninja, her scared, meek attitude makes opponents let their guards down. Unfortunately, the worst type of person to fight is someone who doesn't know fight ettiqute or understand "off limits" and even touching her tail weilds gigantic scratch marks straight to the eyes. She has a big crush on Balloon, a Cowboy-placed fighter.

"Ayla" [21, she/her, human..?]

A small, flustered Wizard who is drifting along in life, lazing between pleasure and pain. Her entire day is spent trying to get jobs (not that she can; she's an awful worker), crying, and pining for the local "sheriff", a newcomer in town who looked straight out of Walker Texas Ranger and was a cowboy at first glance. She lives with the constant trauma and pain of her parents death and the subsequent horrors she had done to her little brother in an attempt to save his life. She feels she should have let him die and living as a mutated beast of himself is a fate worse than death. In her own trauma and psychotic break, she ended up turning herself part feline permenantly. She's a pathetic, sopping wet cat of a girl and gets slapped around slapstick style as her own form of punishment.

She lives with Ninja and Mutant (her brother) in a small mobile home. Her motives for joining YOMI were to punish herself and she purposefully throws fights so her enemy slams her down harder than ever.