I use Medibang to draw!

I specifically use the 70 dollar Medibang Paint for Steam so I can log my hours and use the extra perks, along with the free updates. I have used medibang for years, so it makes sense that I would buy it to support the artists.
For my lineart, I use the gpen and mapping pen. Shading is done either by the oil pastel, crayon, or watercolor brushes. I tend to also do my shading on clipping layers with multiply or add overimposed to allow the colors below to come through, which makes it more realistic imo. I highly reccomend Medibang as an alternative to Clip Studio Paint and Sai.

click here to go to medibang's download site!

I keep ALL of my art logged in a drive, which is listed below. if for any reason you want to use my art or are looking for commissions, they are sorted by set of years!
click here for the art archive!