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Neko Kawaigari: Dr. Crane's cat-and-dog clinic

What is Neko Kawaigari?

Neko Kawaigari -Crane Inuneko Byouin Shinsatsuchuu- (ネコっかわいがり! ~クレインイヌネコ病院診察中~), Also known as Dote up a cat! is a Hentai/eroge visual novel produced by 13cm and hosted on DVD-rom. The name more properly translates to "Adore a Cat! ~Dr. Crane's Cat-and-Dog Vetrinary Clinic~", but Dote up a cat does more properly run on the tounge, i guess.

Neko Kawaigari was released on Feburary 24th, 2006. Before the release of the game, 13cm would host a drawing competition, although most links to websites are now defunct. The website would also host a countdown with the character's official voice actors saying the dates. The game has since been rereleased on DLsite as of 2017, with a new engine. There is no new art or story.

The website above actually has quite a bit of lost content, like proof of conceptual artwork used on websites that hosted the game. going to the websites and looking up the art will not give you it. believe me, I tried.

Neko Kawaigari focuses on the appeal of five feminine characters; Faye, Norma, Umi, Nami, and Dr. Crane. Throughout the game, you are given a few prompts that affect the game, but only one affects which route you are on. These small changes in plot are mostly flavor text or differences in the Hentai CGs, although they give you quite a bit about each character's personality such as Norma being a foodie and Crane loving jokes. I recommend replaying the game to see the different text prompts.

After completing the game for the first time, you are able to access a gallery with music, photos, and extra stuff to it. These things open per route cleared; you won't get Norma's full gallery on Faye's route. Music also opens per route cleared, though what music that you don't get on a first play-through is mostly locked to the "true" route. They also open depending on what you have saw after you clear a first playthrough.

Neko Kawaigari was made to be played on Windows XP and below, although it runs completely fine on Windows 10 and 11. The aspect ratio is pretty small, but it still runs. The DLsite version requires your pc to be entirely in Japanese, from date to region.

In a long play-through, Neko Kawaigari takes around 11-12 hours. Though if you're playing an english patch, you're probably gonna be spam clicking through every porn scene as the explicit scenes are not translated past umi and nami(the chapter; not the characters). The game is about 2-3 hours shorter then.

What A Wonderful World! Dote Up A Cat Private Nook

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD -Dote up a cat! Private Nook- was one of two known supplementary pieces released for Neko Kawaigari. It was first released on August 13th, 2006 at Comic Market 71 for sale.

What a Wonderful World was initially released as a DVD-rom doujinshi,, but in a re-release, it was instead handed out as a paper doujin. It also has a website, though the site is now defunct. Its available on the wayback machine thankfully. The book is a "what-if" afterstory following after the true-end of the main game written by one of the producers. It is currently lost media.

Due to such "high demand" later on, What a Wonderful World and a small writing piece called Souvenir were released online in a text-form.

Both are not important to the story if you don't like bittersweet endings, but they do continue right where the game leaves off in the true story. Also, Crane has a gun. which is pretty cool.

I have it posted on Ao3, the translation at least. So you can read it if you'd like!

Well then, Where can I play it?

Funny story - Neko Kawaigari has never been translated into English officially and has no actual way to buy it. You can order the rom from Amazon, but why would you? (Unless you're me, I fucking love this game)

However, it would be such a shame if I, a lowly blogger, gave you a link to the full translation and a place to download the game that also has a translation (albeiet not finished).

remember kids! Stealing is bad and you shouldn't pirate games! Even if they were never translated and have no fanbase!


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